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To feel the goose that lays the golden eggs

an audiovisual intallation

Exhibited at Performance Research Lab, AUT University, Auckland, NZ, 2017

To feel the goose that lays the golden eggs fulfilled the practical component of the Master of Creative Technologies, completed at Colab, AUT. The full thesis can be found here.


The installation is envisioned as a heterotopic space, where the ‘mythic’ and ‘real’ are entangled in semiotic confusion; physical places mirrored by illusory spaces; time is partitioned and accumulated in fragments; a space where utopian ideals are contorted into an awkward materiality.


The panels that form a concentric archival configuration have been constructed from materials commonly used in the bureaucratic structures that dictate the surveillance, distribution, and accessibility of information. Office printer paper is still a ubiquitous weapon of choice when it comes to the delivery of official commands, project pitches, reports, and outlines. Lamination comprises layers, laminae, protective sheafs that freeze the flow and deterioration of information. We can trace this process from office supplies, to plastic, to organic matter, and geological stratification.


The structure seeks coherence, propagation, and transcendence in the light of informational immanence. The spectator is invited to weave a path through its maze.

Components: PVC tube structure, laminated panels of printed A3 transparencies, sound work.

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